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DevOps and people: Thinking beyond software automation

Almudena Rodriguez Pardo, (PMI - ACP®, PSM®, Kanban Coach®, SAFe® SA) born in Bilbao, Spain, studied computer science at RWTH Aachen and started working for Ericsson 1995. Within her 22 years’ experience in the telecommunication industry, Almudena has been engaged as software developer, quality manager, and market support engineer in several IT projects. For the last years, Almudena was strongly involved in the Agile transformation of the Ericsson ICT Development Center Aachen Eurolab, supporting the DevOps approach in Agile telecommunication projects, where she has gained extensive skills in large-scale Agile transformation. Furthermore, Almudena conducts Agile support and consultancy at Ericsson customers.

A lot has been said about DevOps, about the continuous delivery and automation which DevOps implies, but… have we talked enough about the people involved? The Agile teams participating in the DevOps implementation are the key to success for any DevOps strategy.

Mobile Security in a DevOps context

Jorgen Hjort is a very experienced Infrastructure and mobile Security specialist and architect with expertice within Information Security, Application Security, Risk Management and Security Management and has been working at Sony Mobile, Maersk Line, nSense, Saxo Bank and Hewlett-Packard.

Jorgen was engaged in developing and reviewing the two secure mobile application development certifications (CompTIA Mobile App Security+, Android edition and IOS edition) together with the top mobile security experts in the world.

He has also been speaking at numerous international conferences about Mobile and IoT Security.

With more then 25+ years of development and security experience JH has seen most if not all in the IT security field, and knows how to ask the right questions in any given situation and interpret the answers.

How to make sure security is correctly integrated and thought of in the DevOps environment.

What Telco and Media can learn from Jack and the Bean Stalk: Is DevOps the 'magic bean' that could give your company access to the treasure troves of 'sleeping giants'?

I’m a technology leader with over two decades of experience in mobile, web, backend, app and services. I experienced the original PC wave, writing commercial desktop software. I got to work with the first graphical user interfaces on Mac and Windows and co-designed one of the first QuickTime video editors and consumer camera user experiences. When the Web first started to arrive, I led the scaling of the world’s leading ad serving system from ½ billion to 11 billion ads a day. Now, I lead dozens of development teams building mobile apps, HTML5 websites, microservices—all with cloud-based infrastructure. I’ve already started to jump into the next wave with AR, VR, and IoT, creating internal innovations labs, hackathons, and programs to hire and inspire the next generation of engineers. Along that way, I’ve worked with some of the smartest people Apple, DoubleClick, Yahoo!, LimeWire, Spotify, Huffington Post, and currently Viacom.


What is your passion? What drives you?
I’m a self-tought engineer. My university degree in in the Arts. Thus, I’m a big supporter of the “learn to code” movement and organizations like Girls Who Code. Inside of Viacom I’ve created our own internal coding bootcamp. We’ve graduated 3 classes of employee students from our bootcamp and these folks are fast becoming our best software engineers.

DevOps isn’t a “magic bean” but it is a seed that you can plant in your organization and use its principles and techniques to deliver higher performance, more reliable, and less expensive technology solutions for today’s business problems. DevOps isn’t just for “Jacks” -- startups and tech companies. “Giant” too can implement DevOps, minimize disruption, and take advantage of its economies of scale.

 Nurturing DevOps/Cloud development cultures in an integrated enterprise architecture model: The story of BBCs platform evolution

Nick Kampa is a Technology Leader experienced in digital media production and delivery, across television, radio, the internet and interactive TV. Strategic implementation of large change programmers. Nick has strong team building, leadership and business management skills – rigour and attention to detail in all contractual issues and operational efficiency. He is adaptable at negotiating technology and service solutions at all levels of business. Possessing a skill for bringing groups together and agreeing on collaborative targets and goals. Effective provision of content production tools and training, and the delivery of that content to the audience. Building of Dev/Ops teams in continuous delivery cloud/hybrid environments.

The story starts back in 2012 when hardware encoders were being manually started at a cue. How would the BBC get to a point where all its content was available in minutes online on all platforms? Technology would change, software development would change, support would change and the business model would change – how would it all work together?

Telco Transformation: The DevOps Revolution and How its Creating New Models, Business Cultures and Opportunities

Epsilon Co-Founder and CEO Jerzy Szlosarek is a seasoned industry executive with a strong sales and engineering background particularly in the global telecom markets.  Leading Epsilon’s worldwide partner development and innovation initiatives, Jerzy has been central to the company’s success positioning Epsilon into Service Provider Networks worldwide.

Jerzy’s track record of success spans almost twenty years having progressed in Epsilon from the founding days as CTO during which Jerzy laid out the technical vision to running the Global Sales and Operations teams as COO before assuming the CEO position.

Starting off his career at Ciena, EMEA and later in Dynegy Europe holding Senior System and Network Engineering positions, Jerzy built, developed and nurtured successful technology, support and sales teams for almost 20 years.


What is your passion? What drives you?
I’m passionate about change and disruption. I’ve always been open to learning new things, recognising early what doesn’t work, being inspired by others and recognising that fundamentally we all exist to connect, and understanding that the digital revolution enables us to connect without boundaries like never before.

I love to be a part of a changing landscape and applying new ways of doing things. That’s what keeps the market interesting and exciting. There’s always something new to learn, develop and create.

I’d like to discuss how market disruption is influencing every aspect of the telecoms business from new opportunities all the way through to management styles and HR. The Cloud is driving a complete mindset shift within telecom businesses and it is important to share best practice, new approaches and ways to be successful in this new era. The telcos that don’t change or confront this difficult task face becoming outdated or worse, irrelevant.

Aligning IT and Business

  • The ability of your IT functions to meet your business needs increasingly defines the success of your company?
  • How can we ensure that agility and DevOps also applies to management and executive functions?
  • What’s the role of tools and platforms in ensuring that IT departments meet business demands?
  • What’s the place of customer agility and centricity and how do we set this up?
  • What are the easy first steps in becoming an integrated agile organisation?

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